10.08.2017Number of pharmacies reaches 15 thousand
Media report

How significant is this milestone? 

Despite forecasts by many in the pharmaceutical business, who predicted a decrease in the number of pharmacies - because of economics and market consolidation - this supposed trend is nowhere to be seen. The number of pharmacies in August for the first time exceeded 15 thousand.

To a large extend it is the result of numerous applications for setting up a pharmacy that were submitted before the AdA act (Pharmacy for Pharmacist - Apteka dla Aptekarza as it is known) came into effect.

This number should not be understood as a continuation of the trend of growing number of pharmacies. Only after a couple of months it will become apparent if and how the AdA act has any effect on the number of pharmacies in Poland.  

PEX PharmaSequence’s data largely concur with the Ministry of Health CSIOZ Pharmacy Registry. Presenting the number of pharmacies PEX PharmaSequence includes limited access pharmacies and clinic pharmacies. According to the CSIOZ Pharmacy Registry there are 15 013 active pharmacies, limited access pharmacies and clinic pharmacies (the difference with our data is 2).

Author: Jarosław Frąckowiak, Partner, Vice-chairman of the Board, Market Monitoring Department Director