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PEX PharmaSequence offers solutions based on market research, consulting, data analysis and custom prescription data. We implement both ad hoc projects, designed specifically to answer the client’s question, as well as syndicated studies

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We solve our client's problems:
  • Strategy, portfolio planning and management, promotional resources optimization (team size), promotional and marketing mix optimization, activity in distribution channels

    Rx drugs, reimbursed and non-reimbursed, specialty medicine, all Consumer Health segments à we select solutions fitting specific market segments

  • Qualitative and quantitative studies, market segmentation, forecasts, evaluation of feasibility studies
    Understanding therapy in context of the market, regulations and medical knowledge is the key to effectiveness 

  • Support in reimbursement processes based on real market data, therapy cost studies, quantitative studies, epidemiology, analysis of data and literature

    Detailed epidemiological data allows for preparing market access strategy

  • Promotional campaigns effectiveness tests, examinations of perception, price sensitivity and non-rep communication channels, including digital

    Measuring effectiveness of marketing and promotion is indispensable regardless of the communication channel used

  • Data based trainings, analyses and scenario forecasts for individual market stakeholders, monitoring and evaluation of risk and opportunities

    Merging the regulatory context with insight into the market situation allows for informed, knowledge and data-based decisions. 

PEX PharmaSequence portfolio:
  • Omnibus – data on sales, purchases and distribution in the pharmacy market on a national level
  • Regional data – data on sales, purchases and distribution in the pharmacy market, available in a detailed geographical fragmentation
  • RECEPTOmetr 2.0 – prescription data on a national level
  • Kopreskrypcje PEX – data on coprescriptions
  • Profiler – a system  for segmentation of clients of pharmaceutical companies and targeting evaluation
  • SubstyTutor – monitoring pharmacy switches
  • Rabatomierz – rebates monitoring in all categories and products on the market
  • Koszyki PEX - analysis of patient's purchasing baskets
  • Segmenter and Terapeutica – studies of diagnostic and therapeutic patterns of physicians in particular therapeutic fields, an examination of brand images
  • BarSOFF – Barometer of Pharma Companies’ Operational Forces  – a set of benchmark services allowing to diagnose the key operation forces in the pharmaceutical sector – Representatives, Regional Managers and Marketing
  • Economedica - epidemiological, medical and cost data 





  • In-depth interviews
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Focus group interviews – traditional and online (FGI)
  • Creative workshops
  • Mystery patient/shopper
  • Patient diaries and registries
  • Online surveys (CAWI)
  • In depth and questionnaire-based telephone interviews  (TDI, CATI)
  • SFE and optimization of marketing and sales processes
  • Strategy and analysis regarding reimbursement and market access
  • Economics of healthcare, including pharmacoeconomics
  • Reports and data consolidation for purposes of health technology assessment and market access
  • Business development and M&A
  • Market analysis – price, sales and other
  • Assessment of regulation impact on the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets
  • Custom OTC / self-medication services
  • Forecasting based on pharmacy, prescription and epidemiological data

Adverse effects monitoring - our guarantees

Monitoring adverse effects is a key competence of a healthcare market research company that keeps up with the fast changing business world. PEX PharmaSequence monitors adverse effects from the moment drug manufacturers first determined this requirement.  

  • Adaptation of the monitoring procedure to the client’s needs
  • Employees include physicians and pharmacists
  • Regular trainings of employees
  • Legal and operational competences
  • A specialized team supervising implementation of pharmacovigilance commitments
  • Quick adaptation to various perspectives, solutions and expectations – cooperation with numerous clients
  • Tested and regularly audited internal procedures